Saturday, 12 November 2011



yay im not excited

Saksfifthaavenue catalog
Summer Spring '12
VnP digital assignments
Stylist wardrobe : Jean Lee
Photographer assistant : Fhenny Zheng
Make up /hair stylist : Angeline Har
Photography/Illustrator : Meidiana Agita
Model : Alena @Phantom Model Agency 

you know I've been having few weird dreams lately
2 days ago I dreamt about me washing my hand in this dark toilet room and ive been surrounded by 9 giant snails..theyre really big .like really really big. its as big as a basketball
and then last night, I dreamt about this one teacher in my univ i HATE the most, i was misscalling her and keep hang it up whenever she's about to pick it up

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


 Photographer : Agita Meidiana
Stylist Wardrobe : Jean Lee
Make Up /Artist : Angeline Har
Model : Alehna @Mannequin Model House